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WPMS- Highlands Campus


 Go Tigers         



Thursday, November 20, 2014                                                                     “S” DAY          

Lunch Menu for the Week:

17 A/M

18 B/S

19 C/M

20 D/S

21 E/M

Breaded Mozzarella Sticks w/Sauce

Sliced carrots

Diced Peaches or 100% fruit juice

 Baked Popcorn Chicken Bites

Chick pea salad

Fresh Orange Smiles

Hot Turkey & Gravy

Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans

Rye Dinner Roll

Cranberry fruit cup

Turkey Nachos

w/Lettuce, Tomato,

Cheese & Salsa

Whole Kernel Corn

Mixed fruit cup

Philly Style steak & cheese hero w/sautéed onions

Tossed salad/dressing

Applesauce or 100% fruit juice


PE Students

This week, November 17 – November 21, ALL PE students on Medical must report to their PE class before attending the Media Center.  Please check in with your PE teacher and ask them for your PE Project. 


Girls Intramurals Basketball

Girls’ Basketball Intramurals will be held today, Thursday, November 20th and on Monday, November 24th.


Boys Intramural Basketball

Boys Intramural Basketball dates and grade for this week: today, November 20 (8th grade).


Boys Modified Basketball

There will be an interest meeting for Boys Modified Basketball on today, Thursday, November 20th after school in room 363.  Bring clothes to play ball in.  You will be released in time for the 4:15pm bus.  If you have not seen the nurse, even if you played a fall sport, do so ASAP.


8th Grade Washington D.C.Trip

This is a reminder that the registration deposit of $85 for the 8th Grade Washington, D.C. trip is due tomorrow, Friday, November 21st.  Please remember that registration is online by credit/debit card.  If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from paying on line, please see one of the trip coordinators.

The permission slip/behavior contract (yellow form) and the student medical release form (blue sheet) should both be returned to either Mrs. Holder (room 316) or Ms. Shaffer (room 116).


Girl Talk

Girl Talk will meet tomorrow, Friday, November 21st in Room 261 after school.  See Ms. Walline for more information.


Photo Make-up Day

Photo retakes and photos for music students have been rescheduled to Monday, November 24th.  Music students must where concert clothes, specifically black on bottom and white on top.   


8C and 8D Permission Slips for Bounce

Any Team 8C or 8D students, who did not receive permission slips for the BOUNCE trip on December 18th, please see any of your team teachers immediately. Deadline to submit these forms is Monday, November 24th.  No exceptions will be made.



There will be a Yearbook meeting on Tuesday, November 25th after school in Room 257.  See Mrs. Conrad with any questions.


Boy’s Modified Swim Team

Boy's modified swim team will start on Monday, December 1st for those who plan to participate.  Please get your physicals and get cleared by the nurse prior to the start of the season.  

Coach Josh Eller


Homework Center

Homework Center will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school. Students must sign up during their lunch period and come prepared to work until 4:15.  At dismissal students who have signed up should report to the hallway outside of the café with all of their materials for Homework Center.


Sports Medical Clearance

Any Student who wishes to participate in the following winter sport must see the nurse during their lunch or after 9th period for medical clearance:

Boys Swimming                Boys and Girls Basketball

Boys Wrestling                Boys Ice Hockey


7th Grade Orchestra Lessons for the Week:


Per. 1 – Violin K/Irlen

Per. 2 – Violin B/Siegler

Per. 3 – Violin L/Irlen

Per. 3 – Violin C/Siegler

Per. 6 – Violin J/Irlen

Per. 8 – Violin A/Siegler


8th Grade Lessons


Per. 1 – Violin N/Irlen

Per. 2 – Viola E/Siegler

Per. 3 – Violin O/Irlen

Per. 3 – Viola F/Siegler

Per. 6 – Violin M/Irlen

Per. 8 – Violin D/Siegler


8th Grade Lessons


Per. 1 – Viola Q/Irlen

Per. 2 – Cello H/Siegler

Per. 3 – Viola R/Irlen

Per. 3 – Bass I/Siegler

Per. 4 – Makeup/All

Per. 6 – Violin P/Irlen

Per. 8 – Cello G/Siegler


8th Grade Orchestra Lessons for the Week:


7th Grade Lessons


Per. 2 – Violin 2/Siegler

Per. 2 – Violin 11/Irlen

Per. 5 – Violin 3/Siegler

Per. 5 – Violin 12/Irlen

Per. 9 – Violin 1/Siegler

Per. 9 – Violin 10/Irlen


7th Grade Lessons


Per. 2 – Viola 5/Siegler

Per. 2 – Violin 14/Irlen

Per. 5 – Viola 6/Siegler

Per. 5 – Violin 15/Irlen

Per. 9 – Violin 4/Siegler

Per. 9 – Violin 13/Irlen


7th Grade Lessons


Mr. Veeder’s Band Lessons for the Week:

Nov 17/M/3

Per 2: C (clarinet)

Per 9: B (clarinet)

Nov 18/S/4

Per 1: K (flute)

Per 3: J (flute)

Nov 19/M/5

Per 2: F (trumpet)

Per 9: E (trumpet)

Nov 20/S/6

Per 1: M (clarinet)

Per 8: L (clarinet)

Nov 21/M/7

Per 2: H (French Horn)

Per 9: G (low brass)


Mrs. Luck Schedule for November (in the Auditorium)

Nov 20 D/S

Per 1: S (French horn)

Per 2: Q (trombone)

Per 5: Make-Ups

Per 6: R (low brass)

Per 8: O (trumpet)

Per 9: P (trumpet)