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Daily Announcements


 Go Tigers         


Wednesday,October 1st, 2014                                                                                “M” DAY          

Lunch Menu for the Week:


Wednesday, Oct. 1st                       A

Thursday, Oct. 2nd             B

Friday, Oct. 3rd               C

Turkey Nachos w/”scoops”

(includes lettuce, tomato, cheese, & salsa)

Whole Kernel Corn

Fresh Apple

Fish and Chips

Steamed Spinach

Mixed Fruit Cup

Baked Ziti

Tossed Garden Salad w/Dressing

Fresh Seedless Grapes

Or 100% Fruit Juice



Science Club

Our next Science Club meeting is today, Wednesday, October 1st from 2:45-4:15 in room 306. All 7th and 8th grade student are welcome to attend.


Student Organization (S.O.)

The next S.O. meeting is today, Wednesday, October 1, after school - until 4:15 in Room 261.  We have many exciting events coming up, such as Mix it Up at Lunch day, Spirit Week and our Halloween Dance.  See you Wednesday! Ms. Haberman


Digital Art Club

Digital Art Club will have its first meeting in the Apple iMac Lab, tomorrow, Thursday, October 2nd after school. You must sign up outside of the Mac Lab, Rm. 11, before the meeting. There are 29 spots available. If you have questions, see Mr. Wintersteen.



Any boy or girl interested in playing tennis is invited to participate in free play at White Plains High School.  Dates are posted in the PE Hallway.  See Coach Adams if you are interested.


7th Grade Orchestra Lessons for the Week:

Oct. 1/AM


Per. 1 - Violin L/Irlen

Per. 2 - Violin C/Siegler

Per. 3 - Violin A/Siegler

Per. 3 - Violin J/Irlen

Per. 6 - Violin K/Irlen

Per. 8 - Violin B/Siegler

Oct. 2/BS


8th Grade Lessons

Oct. 3/CM


Per. 1 - Violin O/Irlen

Per. 2 - Viola F/Siegler

Per. 3 - Violin D/Siegler

Per. 3 - Violin M/Irlen

Per. 6 - Violin N/Irlen

Per. 8 - Viola E/Siegler



8th Grade Orchestra Lessons for the Week:

Oct. 1/AM


7th Grade Lessons

Oct. 2/BS

Per. 2 - Violin 3/Siegler

Per. 2 - Violin 12/Irlen

Per. 5 - Violin 1/Siegler

Per. 5 - Violin 10/Irlen

Per. 9 - Violin 2/Siegler

Per. 9 - Violin 11/Irlen

Oct. 3/CM


7th Grade Lessons






7TH and 8TH Grade Band Lessons for the Week:

Oct 1/M/A

Per 6: 8th Gr Mk-Ups

Per 7: 8th Gr Mk-Ups

Per 9: E & F (all trumpets)

Oct 2/S/B

Per 4: 7th Gr Mk-Ups

Per 5: 7th Gr Mk-Ups

Per 8: L & M ( all clarinets)

Oct 3/M/C

Per 3: H (French Horn)

Per 5: G (low brass)