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WPMS- Highlands Campus


 Go Tigers         



Tuesday, April 21st, 2015                                                                           “S” Day


Lunch Menu for the Week:                                                                                            

 20 E

“Breakfast for Lunch” 

Cinnamon French toast

Turkey Canadian bacon

Baked sweet potato puffs

Diced pears or 100% fruit juice

 21 F

Crunchy Fish Shaped nuggets

Tossed garden salad/dressing

Fresh Banana

 22 A

“Earth Day”

Grilled Chicken, Broccoli and Pasta Toss

Garbanzo bean salad

Fresh Orange

 23 B

Asian Style Chicken over Brown Rice

Sliced carrots

Diced peaches

 24 C

Salisbury Steak w/gravy

Roasted potatoes

Steamed spinach

Fresh Seedless Grapes or 100% fruit juice



Yearbook Presale

Purchase your yearbook today on line. There is a link on our webpage or go to balfour.com.

Buy yours before they are sold out. Yearbooks will be given out in June. Don’t miss out!


American Sign Language Club

The American Sign Language Club will meet today, Tuesday, April 21 in Room 257.



The NYSESLAT speaking assessments will be held today, Tuesday, April 21 and next Monday, April 27.  Students will be given passes with their testing time, location and the assigned evaluator’s name. There are two testing sites: Room 147 and the Main Office (Mr. Cronk’s office).


Boys Intramural Soccer

7th Grade Boys Intramural soccer will take place today, Tuesday, April 21st afterschool. Please meet Mr. King in the auditorium at 2.40pm.

8th Grade Intramural Soccer will be on Friday, April 24.


Talent Show

All Talent Show participants that met with Mrs. Sette and Ms. Maffei regularly will be meeting in Room 202 tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22 at 2:35pm for a Talent Show celebration.



S.O. meeting is on tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22 in Room 365.


Science Club

Science Club will assemble for its final 2 meetings tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22 and Wednesday May 6th in room 365 from 2:45-4:15. All are welcome.


8th Grade Dance Committee

Attention 8th grade Dance Committee:  There will be a mandatory dance decorating meeting on Thursday, April 23rd after school in room 11, Mr. Wintersteen’s room on the garden level. Please check the list outside room 11, the main office, or Miss DiCamillo’s room to see if you are on the committee. All members must attend the meeting. Please see Mr. Wintersteen with any questions.


Technology Expo

Please come to our Highlands Technology Expo on Wednesday, April 29th, 2015.  Join your teachers and fellow students who will facilitate mini demo and hands–on workshops.  We will have refreshments and FREE raffle drawing.  Chance to win Canon Digital Camera w/ 16GB memory car, wireless speak and ITunes gift cards.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Volleyball Intramurals - With Coach Sette

Tuesdays and Thursdays

April 7th - May 28th


7th and 8th grade Intramural Girls Soccer Schedule – Coach Maffei Room 202

Thursday, April 23rd  

Monday, April 27

Friday, May 1st


Homework Center

Homework Center will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school. Students must sign up during their lunch period and come prepared to work until 4:15pm.  At dismissal students who have signed up should report to the hallway outside of the café with all of their materials for Homework Center.

There will be No Homework Center until Monday, April 27th.


7th Grade Orchestra Lessons for the Week:


Per. 1 – Violin P/Irlen

Per. 2 – Cello G/Siegler

Per. 3 – Viola Q/Irlen

Per. 3 – Cello H/Siegler

Per. 4 – Makeup/All

Per. 6 – Viola R/Irlen

Per. 8 – Bass I/Siegler


8th Grade Lessons


Per. 1 – Violin K/Irlen

Per. 2 – Violin B/Siegler

Per. 3 – Violin L/Irlen

Per. 3 – Violin C/Siegler

Per. 6 – Violin J/Irlen

Per. 8 – Violin A/Siegler


8th Grade Lessons


Per. 1 – Violin N/Irlen

Per. 2 – Viola E/Siegler

Per. 3 – Violin O/Irlen

Per. 3 – Viola F/Siegler

Per. 6 – Violin M/Irlen

Per. 8 – Violin D/Siegler


8th Grade Orchestra Lessons for the Week:


7th Grade Lessons


Per. 2 – Cello 7/Siegler

Per. 2 – Viola 16/Irlen

Per. 3 – Makeup/All

Per. 5 – Cello 8/Siegler

Per. 5 – Viola 17/Irlen

Per. 9 – Bass 9/Siegler

Per. 9 – Viola 18/Irlen


7th Grade Lessons


Per. 2 – Violin 2/Siegler

Per. 2 – Violin 11/Irlen

Per. 5 – Violin 3/Siegler

Per. 5 – Violin 12/Irlen

Per. 9 – Violin 1/Siegler

Per. 9 – Violin 10/Irlen


7th Grade Lessons


Mr. Veeder’s Band Lessons for the Week:

Apr 20 E/M/3

Per 2: B (clarinet)

Per 9: C (clarinet)

Apr 21 F/S/4

Per 1: J (flute)

Per 3: K (flute)

Apr 22 A/M/5

Per 2: E (trumpet)

Per 9: F (trumpet)

Apr 23 B/S/6        

Per 1: L (clarinet)

Per 2: M (clarinet)

Apr 24 C/M/7

Per 2: G (low brass)

Per 9: H (French Horn)



Mrs. Luck’s Lessons for April:

Mon, Apr 27

Per 1: S (F horn)

Per 2: Q (trombone)

Per 5: Make-Ups

Per 6: R (low brass)

Per 8: O (trumpet)

Per 9: P (trumpet)