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WPMS- Highlands Campus


 Go Tigers         



Monday, June 1st, 2015                                                                             “M” Day


Lunch Menu for Today:                                                                                                 

Pulled Pork, Corn Muffin, Fresh Fruit Choices or 100% Juice.

Beginning June 1st checks will no longer be accepted for SNAP payments.  CASH ONLY! 


Intramural Wrestling Club

Intramural Wrestling Club meets on: June 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 16, and 17

See Coach Iasiello in Room 302 for more information.


Intramural Floor Hockey

Today, Monday, June 1st will be the last intramural floor hockey. Meet coach Armogida in the PE hallway after school on today.


8th Grade Intramural Soccer

Final 8th Grade Intramural Soccer will take place on the following dates: tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2nd.  Meet Mr. King in his classroom (1B) at 2.40pm.



There will be a mandatory meeting for participants of the Courier, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2nd, at 2:40 pm, in Room 141.  The deadline to submit articles is nest Tuesday. See Ms. Miller with any questions.


8th Grade Boy Football Camp

Any 8th grade boy interested in attending football camp this summer at White Plains High School should see coach Armogida for a camp application as soon as possible.


Tennis Clinic

Attention all 7th and 8th grade girls.  Coach Adams is offering a 4 day tennis clinic afterschool for all new and experienced players at the Gillie tennis Courts.  Rackets and tennis balls will be provided.  The clinic starts tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2nd.  Please see Coach Adams for a permission slip and further details.


8th Grade Dance

ATTENTION 8TH GRADERS: Our 8th grade dance theme this year is a Hawaiian Tropical Paradise! Please join us in the tropics on June 5th, 2015 at Highlands Middle School.  Tickets will be on sale starting until tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2nd in the Cafeteria.  The cost is $20 and it includes a night of dancing, food and fun!  See Ms. Varghese, Ms. DiCamillo or Ms. Conrad if you have any questions.



 (7TH & 8TH GRADERS FALL 2015)


When:   Tues. June 9th   (Highlands Students)

                 Thurs. June 11th (Highlands Students)

               *Time: 2:30-4:15pm   *Late Bus Available


Where:  Highlands room 313 (Mrs. Davila’s room)


What you need:

1.      Filled out Audition Sheet (see your music teacher)

2.      Photo yourself

3.      Sing any song of your choice *a cappella

*No accompaniment

* Song must be short, please


7th Grade Orchestra Lessons for the Week:







Per. 1 – Violin O/Irlen

Per. 2 – Viola F/Siegler

Per. 3 – Violin M/Irlen

Per. 3 – Violin D/Siegler

Per. 6 – Violin N/Irlen

Per. 8 – Viola E/Siegler


8th Grade Lessons


Per. 1 – Viola R/Irlen

Per. 2 – Bass I/Siegler

Per. 3 – Violin P/Irlen

Per. 3 – Cello G/Siegler

Per. 4 – Makeup/All

Per. 6 – Viola Q/Irlen

Per. 8 – Cello H/Siegler


8th Grade Lessons


Per. 1 – Violin J/Irlen

Per. 2 – Violin A/Siegler

Per. 3 – Violin K/Irlen

Per. 3 – Violin B/Siegler

Per. 6 – Violin L/Irlen

Per. 8 – Violin C/Siegler



8th Grade Orchestra Lessons for the Week:







7th Grade Lessons


Per. 2 – Viola 6/Siegler

Per. 2 – Violin 15/Irlen

Per. 5 – Violin 4/Siegler

Per. 5 – Violin 13/Irlen

Per. 9 – Viola 5/Siegler

Per. 9 – Violin 14/Irlen


7th Grade Lessons


Per. 2 – Bass 9/Siegler

Per. 2 – Viola 18/Irlen

Per. 3 – Makeup/All

Per. 5 – Cello 7/Siegler

Per. 5 – Viola 16/Irlen

Per. 9 – Cello 8/Siegler

Per. 9 – Viola 17/Irlen


7th Grade Lessons



Mr. Veeder’s Band Lessons for the Week:

June 1 C/M/7

Per 2: H (French Horn)

Per 9: G (low brass)


June 2 D/S/8

Per 1: T (low woodwind)

Per 8: N (sax)

June 3 E/M/1

Per 2: A (flute)

Per 9: D (sax/low woodwind)

June 4 F/S/2

Per 1: I (percussion)

Per 8: U (percussion)

June 5 A/M/3

Per 2: B (clarinet)

Per 9: C (clarinet)



Mrs. Luck’s Band Lessons for the Month of June:

Tues, June 2

Per 1: Q (trombone)

Per 2: R (low brass) Per 5: Make-Ups

Per 7: O (trumpet)

Per 8: P (trumpet)

Per 9: S (F horn)

Weds,  June 10

Per 1: S (F horn)

Per 2: Q (trombone)

Per 5: Make-Ups

Per 7: R (low brass) Per 8: O (trumpet)

Per 9: P (trumpet)

Thurs, June 18

Per 1: P (trumpet)

Per 2: S (F horn)

Per 5: Make-Ups

Per 7: Q (trombone)

Per 8: R (low brass)

Per 9: O (trumpet)