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White Plains Public Schools

General Work Experience
This program is designed for those students with special needs.  It includes work experience with weekly consultations with the Special Needs Work Experience Coordinator.  Employers may be asked to evaluate the students.  , This course is regarded as general education and may be done in any occupational area.  Students will meet the coordinator once per week.  Students are required to submit a paycheck stub or other pay verification.  A log must be kept and must be completed and submitted to the coordinator at the end of each semester.  Job counseling, interviewing, how to keep a job, making a the most of your talents, how to fill out an employment application, employment trends, and tax information and reporting are some of the topics which will be discussed.  This semester course cannot be used as part of any business sequence.  Course enrollment is subject to the school counselor and coordinator’s approval.  Administrative approval is required for admission.