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White Plains Public Schools

3-unit sequence: marketing 

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The sequences listed below have been developed to enable students to obtain job readiness skills that are applicable to the current job market requirements as well as for use in post secondary education environments.


Required For All Business Education Sequences (1 ½ Units of Credit)

Careers & Financial Management  (Formerly Introduction to Occupations)          ½  Unit

Computers for Business & Life 1         ½  Unit


21st Century Computer Essentials       ½  Unit


Computers for Business & Life 2         ½  Unit

Required For Marketing Sequence (1 Unit of Credit)

Entrepreneurship 1 &  2                                1 Unit


Introduction to Promotion                   ½ Unit


Introduction to Marketing Mgt.         ½ Unit

Elective ½ unit of credit from the following courses:

Accounting 2                                               

College Accounting 1                                    

College Accounting 2                                  

Computer Office Applications 1 or 2

Advanced Computer Office App. 1 or 2

Computerized RecordKeeping 1 or

Business Law

Notetaking/Study Skills

Basic Programming 1 or 2

Intermediate Programming 1 or 2