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Hello! Welcome to Summer School ESOL Health!

150                          Textbook
Course Overview                                                    Lifetime Health Textbook
Online resources                                       Portfolio
Language Translator or Dictionary                             Portfolio Checklist
Online Resources                                                      Daily Reflection Log
Mrs. Ifill-Roseau's E-mail                                                       
Health information                                            
Teen Health or Teen Talk                                       Scholastic News
Teen Health: Medline                                              Encyclopedia - Britannica
Cool Nurse or Sex, Etc.                                         NY Times The Learning Network or CNN
CDC - Family Health                                             Tween Tribute
120                                  Homework
Learning Style Quiz                                                Public Service Announcement (PSA) Due 7/22
Students at work                                  ESL Learning for Traveling Students
Strategies from Scholastic                                      ESL Learning for Traveling Students (Kanetix)