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WPMS- Eastview Campus

Student Handbook

White Plains Middle School – Eastview Campus

Our Mission: As its magnet focus, the Middle School for the Humanities at Eastview seeks to create a community of learners who consciously respect and confidently promote human dignity and diversity.

Our Vision: The structure of the Eastview Campus will enable all students to become responsible and productive world citizens of the twenty-first century.

  • Students, staff, parents and the community are actively engaged in the exploration of real world issues.
  • Content areas are integrated through interdisciplinary thematic units.
  • All students are challenged to a high level of academic standards where enrichment is provided and students’ learning needs are met.
  • The social, emotional, psychological and physical needs of each student are addressed.
  • Flexible scheduling supports integration of the content areas.
  • Foreign languages, art and music are an integral part of the curriculum for all students.
  • Students actively use technology in the exploration of real world issues.
  • Students with special needs receive services through an inclusion model.
  • Students are assessed in a variety of ways including performance tasks, exhibitions and portfolios.

The collective efforts of the Eastview staff will focus on helping students

  • love learning and become life-long learners;
  • have high standards for themselves;
  • become autonomous, critical thinkers, able to apply knowledge to real-life situations;
  • be caring, compassionate and empathic human beings;
  • be active participants in society,

empowered to make changes,

responsible for their own actions,

and aware that their actions have an impact;

  • accept responsibility for themselves and their community;
  • respect themselves, others, and the property of others;
  • take risks, knowing that mistakes lead to learning;
  • be resourceful;
  • develop an aesthetic sense and appreciate the arts.
Extracurricular Activities

The Middle School offers a comprehensive X-period and after-school program of co-curricular, intramural and interscholastic activities.  Interscholastic sports are not available to 6th graders.  Students at both campuses may take advantage of these programs. 


Dances, concerts and other school events will also serve to bring together the students from both campuses.  Students may not attend family activities such as concerts, the June Family Picnic, etc., unless they are accompanied by a parent or a guardian. 

Marking Procedures


Report cards are mailed directly to parents four times a year, at the end of each quarter

(every 9-10 weeks).  Some related arts classes (Art, Technology, Family and Consumer Science and Health) are scheduled on a trimester basis.  Marking procedures are the same as year-long courses.  First trimester grades will be indicated on the Quarter 2 report card.  Second trimester grades will be given on the Quarter 3 report card.  Third trimester grades will be on the Quarter 4 report card.


One letter grade is given for each subject on the report card.  A comment from each teacher concerning the student's citizenship is included.  The grading system adopted by the Middle School is as follows:


A+     =   97-100

A       =   93- 96

A-     =   90- 92

B+     =   87- 89

B       =   83-86

B-      =   80-82

C+     =   77-79

C       =   73-76

C-     =   70-72

D+     =   68-69

D       =   65-67

F       =     0-64


The floor grade is 55%.  An F for the quarter will be averaged as a 55 for the computation of the final year average.  Progress reports are mailed midway through each quarter and are used to notify parents of pupils who may be in danger of failing or whose grades have declined sharply.  They are also used to communicate other information to parents.  Parents are invited to contact the guidance counselor for further information.




The White Plains Middle School has high expectations for our students.  Students proceed from grade 6 to 7 by passing four of the five major academic subjects.  Students are also responsible for passing health, music, art, family and consumer science, technology and physical education.  Failure of these subjects may hinder promotion.



Students proceed from grade 7 to 8 by passing four of the five major academic subjects.  Students are also responsible for passing health, music, art, family and consumer science, technology and physical education.  Failure of these subjects may hinder promotion.


Students graduate from 8th grade by passing four of the five major academic subjects.  Students are also responsible for passing health, music, art, family and consumer science, technology and physical education.  Failure in these subjects may hinder graduation.  Only 8th grade students meeting graduation requirements will be permitted to participate in the graduation exercises at the Westchester County Center.


Honor Roll


Students who receive all A's will be placed on the High Honor Roll.  Students who receive A's and B's will be placed on the Honor Roll.  Students who receive one C, if offset by at least one A, are eligible for the Honor Roll.


Advanced Classes


Advanced classes are offered to students by invitation only.  Selection for these classes is determined by a principal’s advisory committee.  Decisions are based on a battery of information that includes, but is not limited to, evaluation of test data, current academic performance and staff recommendation.  A final grade of an A or B must be achieved in order to be recommended for selection of continuation.  Once selected, students in advanced classes must maintain honor roll status (all A’s and B’s or all A’s and B’s with one C offset by an A).


Criteria for Admission to Grade 8 Accelerated Science


Selection for advanced science is based upon several criteria.  These include grade six and grade

seven science marks, grade seven math marks, achievement on the performance and placement examinations and the current science teacher’s assessments of aptitude, effort and participation.  While all of these criteria combine to inform the selection process, in general, it is expected that students have a B+ average or better in science and math courses to participate in advanced science.  All selections are contingent upon continued strong performance in these areas as indicated by final examinations and course grades in June.


Criteria for Admission to Grade 8 Accelerated Math


Selection for advanced math is based upon the following: 


§    Students who have maintained at least a B average in the previous accelerated math class.

§    Students who maintain an A each marking period in the previous intermediate math class may be considered.  Additional criteria will include standardized test scores and teacher recommendations.




The WINGS program has been designed to meet the varied needs of our students with exceptional academic ability.  The goals of the program are to help the students develop and apply higher level thinking skills, to increase their ability to identify problems and to seek alternative solutions, to develop divergent and creative thinking, to nurture special interests, and to provide opportunities for interaction with intellectual peers.


Admission to the grade 6 WINGS program is based upon the recommendation of the sending school’s WINGS Advisory Committee.  The committee considers successful participation in the grade five WINGS program and continued achievement at the advanced level.







 Once placed in WINGS, students must:

1.      Meet the Honor Roll criteria each marking period.  Any student who does not, must     achieve the Honor Roll standard within the succeeding marking period and must maintain that standard.

2.      Maintain at least a “B” average in their WINGS class.

3.      Produce independent, high quality projects which reflect higher-level thinking skills and outstanding effort.     

Recommendations for new entrants (after fall of 6th grade) will be considered based
 on the criteria listed above.  Any recommendations should be sent to the WINGS Advisory Committee.
National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society was founded to create an organization that would recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy.


The criteria for invitation to the National Junior Honor Society are scholarship, character, citizenship, leadership and service.  Prospective members must have attained a minimum of a 92 average.  This includes the final grades in 6th and 7th grade and the first quarter of 8th grade, to be eligible for consideration.  Students are selected during 8th grade and are inducted during a ceremony held in the spring.  A committee, selected by the principal, will determine eligibility based on the criteria.  The following is the NJHS definition of character, citizenship, leadership, and service:


§         Observes expected instructions and rules

§         Is courteous and respectful

§         Demonstrates honesty and reliability

§         Takes constructive criticism willingly and recommendations graciously



§         Behaves well in class

§         Shows positive attitude towards school

§         Displays respect for others

§         Shows concern for freedom and justice



§         Demonstrates leadership in promoting school activities

§         Contributes ideas that improve the civic life of the school

§         Exemplifies positive attitude

§         Demonstrates academic initiative

§         Successfully holds school offices or other positions of responsibility


Service (may include in school, school-wide, or community activities)

§         Volunteers, is dependable and provides well-organized assistance

§         Renders requested service cheerfully and enthusiastically

§         Shows cooperation without complaining while assisting others






Testing and Assessment


Students will take a number of New York State and district tests. State tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Language will be administered to 8th grade students in the spring before graduation.  The district administers the Test of New York State Standards (TONYSS) in English Language Arts and Mathematics to 6th and 7th grade students.  7th graders will also take practice tests in English Language Arts and Mathematics to prepare them for the assessments that they must take in the spring of their 8th grade year.

Academic Intervention Services (AIS)


All students who have scored Level I or Level II on the New York State Assessments will receive additional support.  In addition, 8th graders who do not meet the New York State standards in science and social studies when tested will receive AIS services the following year.


Service Awards

Service Awards recognize those students who serve as classroom assistants or become involved in a variety of school-sponsored activities such as team programs, leadership opportunities, intramural, interscholastic and co-curricular events.


Students who participate in school-sponsored activities earn service points.  All White Plains Middle School students are eligible to accumulate points over the three years at the Middle School.  Points earned between September and May 30th are used in calculating the total.  Awards are presented to students at the end of the year for each grade.  Students may receive

3 to 25 points for each activity in which they participate.

                                                100 + points   = Shirt

                                                50 – 99 points = Certificate

                                                25 – 49 points = Participation Card






Guidance counselors are involved with the many aspects of a child's school life.  The guidance counselors work cooperatively with the staff to ensure a student’s academic, emotional and social success.  The counselor may assist with school and personal concerns, arrange appointments with teachers, secure assignments for students with extended absences, and/or facilitate contact with other school personnel.


Please refer to the Directory at the end of the Handbook for the guidance counselors’ direct telephone numbers.


Work Permits

Work permit applications and work permits are issued in the nurses’ office during the school year.  During the summer months, work permit applications and work permits are issued by the



Student Information Center located on the grounds of White Plains High School.  The contact telephone number is (914) 422-2038.


Students must be 14 years of age or older to be issued a work permit.  Students receive work permit applications from the school nurse.  The student/parent completes the Part I portion of the application (Parental Consent).  The information in Part I – individual’s name, date of birth, home address, social security number and parent’s signature must be filled out in ink.



A doctor’s physical examination is also required.  The physical must not be more than one (1) year old.  Physical examination forms will be given to the student if a more current examination

 is required.  The work permit application and physicians’ examination forms are returned to the school nurse during the school year or the Student Information Center during the summer months when they are completed.  The work permit will be issued at that time.


Psychologist, Social Worker, Learning Facilitator, and Speech & Language Specialists


The Eastview Campus has a full-time psychologist.  The social worker is here three days per cycle. Our campus also has two learning facilitators and a speech and language specialist.  Please refer to the Directory at the end of the Handbook for their direct numbers.


Health Services


Eastview is served by a registered nurse who is on campus full time. See the Directory at the end of the Handbook for the name of the nurse and her phone number.  A student who becomes ill during the day obtains a pass to the nurse from his/her teacher.  The parent/guardian will be called, if necessary.  Please be sure to complete and return the Emergency Procedure Card  with appropriate information.  Please update the card whenever necessary.


When completing Emergency Procedure Cards, it is important to write each parent’s/guardian’s name and the name of each emergency contact.  It is also important to have current home and work telephone numbers for parents and other emergency contacts.  In the event that your child is sick and neither parent/guardian can be reached, the student will only be allowed to leave the Eastview campus with the emergency contact person who has been designated on the emergency card for a pickup of your child.  


If a student is disabled, but his/her physician certifies that he/she is able to attend school, the nurse will make the necessary arrangements.  If necessary, these may include a  permit to use the elevator.  If a student is unable to use the stairs, a note from a doctor stating that the student needs to use the elevator must be presented to the nurse.


A doctor's excuse from physical education activities should be presented to the nurse, who will notify the physical education teacher, guidance counselor and, if necessary, other staff members.  The doctor must then give permission for physical education activities to resume.


Students who have been hospitalized, have surgical procedures, have undergone oral surgery or are absent 5 or more days in a row are requested to return with a doctor’s note.  The note should include a diagnosis and any restrictions.


If a student has blood or other body fluids on his/her clothing, a parent/guardian or other adult noted on the emergency card would be asked to bring clean clothes to school so the student can return to class.





New York State now mandates that students entering 7th grade in September are required to have at least one dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine.  Students must provide documentation from a clinic or physician that they have received three doses of Hepatitis B Vaccine or that they have appointments to complete the three dose series.  The school nurse will monitor compliance.


During the past several years, state and county health agencies have tightened regulations regarding immunizations.  ONLY FULLY IMMUNIZED CHILDREN AND CHILDREN

WHO ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING FULLY IMMUNIZED WILL BE PERMITTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL.  Please be sure these requirements are satisfied.  If you have questions, please call the school immediately.



The school recognizes that students may need medication during the school day.  The form entitled "Administration of Medications" applies to all medications including over the counter medications and inhalers.  Medication forms are available in the Nurse’s office.  This form must be properly completed by the parent and the physician in order for the school to administer medication. The form and all medications should be brought to the school nurse.




Accidents should immediately be reported to the school nurse.  The nurse will administer first aid, contact parents, and, when necessary, call for emergency medical services.  All accidents are reported to the principal.


Physical Examinations

New York State mandates that all 7th grade students and new entrants from outside New York State receive physical examinations.  7th grade parents will be given a form entitled "Physician's Health Certificate."  Any 7th grade student who does not return this form to the school nurse within thirty (30) days of the opening of school will be seen by the school physician.


New entrants to the school district are given this form at registration.  Please have this form completed and signed by your physician.  Any new student who does not return the form within thirty (30) days of entrance will be seen by the school physician.


Interscholastic Sports Participation Physicals:


Students have the option of being examined by their own physician or the school physician.


If you want your child examined by the school physician:


1.      Answer all questions on the waiver form, which is available in the nurse’s office, including permission for examination by school physician.

2.      The white permission to participate card, which is distributed by the coach, must be signed by the parent/guardian and child.

3.      All forms must be completed in ink, dated and returned promptly to the school nurse.

4.      An appointment will be scheduled with the school physician.


If you want your child examined by your physician:

1.      Answer all questions on the waiver side of the blue form.


2.      Your physician completes the ENTIRE pre-participation examination side of the blue form.  Please make sure the date of the examination is included.

3.      The white permission to participate card must be signed by the parent/guardian and child.

4.      When all forms are completed, signed in ink and dated, they should be returned promptly to the school nurse.  The blue from must be returned to the school nurse.  FAXES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

5.      The blue pre-participation form is reviewed and approved by the school medical director.  After you return the form, please allow two weeks for processing.


A sports physical is good for one year.  Students who have current sports physicals need the following to participate:

1)      Medical form update completed, signed and dated by parent/guardian.

2)      Permission to participate form signed and dated by parent/guardian and child.

3)      Students interview in the nurse’s office one or two weeks before sport’s season begins.

4)      All forms should be completed in ink and returned promptly to the school nurse at the White Plains Middle School Eastview Campus.


If a physical , examination by the school physician is requested after the examination schedule is completed, the student must be examined by his/her private physician.


Physically Challenged Individuals


Both campuses of the White Plains Middle School have been modified according to New York State Standards to accommodate students, parents and guests with disabilities.  Anyone requiring accommodations or modifications in order to participate fully in school activities should contact the main office for additional information.





Attendance Philosophy


Good attendance promotes academic achievement.  The Board of Education believes that it is the shared responsibility of the school and the home to develop desirable attendance habits.  The Board expects that the school and home will take every step to implement this philosophy and insure optimal attendance.


Under the Education Law of the State of New York, the following are the only legal reasons for absence or tardiness:


          Sickness; sickness or death in family; impassable roads or weather making travel unsafe; religious observances; approved music lessons; required appearance in court; attendance at organized clinics; remedial health treatment; educational trips; quarantine.


All absences not specifically classified as legal by the State Education Law are illegal.  Students will be considered truant and be subject to disciplinary action.


Attendance Policy


The White Plains Board of Education has a policy dealing with student attendance.  The attendance policy requires that a student be in attendance at least 90% of the time to receive credit for a course.


Eligibility for Promotion - In order for a course to be considered as a credit toward promotion to the next grade level, a student must have:



                                            --a passing average in that course, and

                                            --fewer than 18 absences in a full-year course

                                            --fewer than 9 absences in a half-year course

                                            --fewer than 7 absences in a trimester course

                                            --fewer than 5 absences in a quarter-year course            

Doctor's Notes - If a student is absent for medical reasons and brings a physician's note to the attendance office within five school days of her/his return, the absence will not count toward the total. 


School Sponsored Activities - Classes missed due to school-sponsored activities (field trips, music lessons, guidance appointments, etc.) or suspensions will not be counted as absences.  It

is the responsibility of the student to properly clear such situations with the classroom teacher(s).


Notification of Parents - Every effort will be made to notify parents of their child's absences as indicated by Mr. Connors’ letter dated August, 2004.  The procedures delineated in the letter will be implemented during the 2004-2005 school year,


Homework Request – Parents may call the main office at 422-2223 before 9:00 a.m. to request homework assignments for absent students.  These may be picked up in the main office after X-period between the hours of 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.  It is recommended that students have the phone number of a classmate to call in order to find out about work missed in the event of absence.


After School Program Attendance Policy – Students may attend a variety of after school programs including homework help, State test practice sessions, and academic support sessions by subject matter. Students are expected to report to the assigned location promptly and follow the same appropriate rules of conduct as during the school day. Misconduct as well as non-attendance may prevent future participation in these programs. An administrator will notify parents if students who participate in State test practice sessions do not attend.


Absence and Early Dismissal Notes

The Attendance Office at the Eastview Campus is housed in the Main Office.  It is very important that parents call the main office at school (422-2223) on the day when a child is absent.



A student should bring a note from parent/guardian to the main office on the day of return to school before reporting to the first period class.  The note must state the reason for the absence.  The student will then receive a yellow excuse slip, which is to be shown to his/her teachers.


If a student does not bring a note on the day of return, a blue “excuse due” slip must be obtained from the main office.  At that time, a parent/guardian will be notified that an excuse note is due.  This will continue to occur until a note is received by the main office and a yellow excuse slip is given to the student.


If a student reports to class after an absence without a yellow or blue slip, the teacher will send the student to the main office to obtain a slip.  The note must explain why the student was out of school.  This procedure will continue until the attendance clerk receives the note.  In addition, the student will be assigned to lunch detention.



A student requesting early dismissal should present a note from the parent/guardian to the main office between 7:50 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.  Office staff will provide the student with a white “early release” slip.  At the designated time the student will present the white slip to the teacher and proceed to the main office for appropriate pick-up.  Students are only allowed to leave during


the school day when a parent/guardian, or an emergency card designated adult signs them out at the main office.



Students who arrive after 8:00 a.m. are considered tardy and should report to the main office promptly to receive a tardy slip.  At this time students are expected to have a signed note from a parent/guardian explaining the reason for the child’s late arrival to school.  When the student presents a note for the late arrival, it will be excused.  The student will then proceed to class with a late slip from the main office.  However, if a student is late without a note from a

parent/guardian, the tardiness will be considered illegal.  If a student arrives to school late, twice in one marking period without a note, he/she will receive lunch detention.  Students are expected to be in their seats when the late bell rings.  They are to be in the cafeteria no more than five minutes after the start of the lunch period.


Students should not be in the halls without a pass during class periods.  This includes



Repeated infractions are subject to detention and/or suspension.


Absences and Summer School Eligibility


Students will not be able to attend summer school to make up loss of credit if they are not in attendance at 85% or more of the scheduled classes in a course.  This is exclusive of absences excused by a physician’s note and school sponsored activities.


A student must have:

                                  --fewer than 27 absences in a full-year course

                                  --fewer than 14 absences in a half-year course


Quarter courses are not offered in summer school.


Telephone Use


Telephone use is discouraged during the course of the school day.  However, if a situation arises which requires parent/guardian notification, the student must get a pass to go to the main office to request the use of the phone.  Before making the call, the student is expected to request the use of the phone from appropriate office personnel and to sign a phone log which is on the front desk next to the telephone.  This procedure must also be followed during lunch time as well as after 9th period.  The pay telephone located outside of the main office in the hallway may be used after the school day.  The use of this telephone will be carefully monitored.


Cafeteria Procedures


Breakfast and lunch will be served in the cafeteria daily.  Students can purchase school meals or snack items with cash or use their personal identification (SNAP) card as a debit card.  DISTRICT WIDE POLICY: STUDENTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CHARGE.


What is SNAP?

A computerized debit card system, which records all prepaid meals and snacks.  The advantages of SNAP are discounted meal prices, no need to have correct change for meals or snack, no worry about lost or misspent money, and faster meal service.





Students Need to:


§         Give the SNAP card to the cashier to pay for meals or snacks. The card is passed through a card reader and the computer will deduct from the student's prepaid balance.  If there is no pre-paid balance, cash must be used to pay for the purchase.  Students without ID cards will not be served until all those with ID cards have been served.


§         Although no charging of meals or snacks is allowed, a student can charge a peanut butter and jelly sandwich meal in the event of an emergency.  The student must pay for this meal on the next school day.  After three peanut butter and jelly sandwich meals have been charged, the student will only be served a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and white milk until the account has been cleared of the charged meals.


§         Please maintain cards in good condition.  The computer cannot read damaged cards. Students are responsible for replacing damaged cards by placing their names on the card replacement list in the cafeteria at lunchtime.


§         Keep cards in a secure area.  Students who do not have their cards for lunch and receive free meals or have a prepaid balance, can obtain a lunch voucher in the cafeteria.  Students are responsible for replacing lost cards.  New students will receive a temporary card until their picture identification card has been made.


§         Report to Mrs. Ackerly, in the cafeteria, when called to obtain replacement cards.  Cards are replaced once, with no charge.  One dollar ($1.00) will be charged for additional replacement cards.  After the fourth replacement card, disciplinary action will be taken. 


§         Notify the cashier of a lost or stolen card IMMEDIATELY.  The card number will be noted so that another person cannot use it.


Parents Need to:


§         Complete the pink SNAP Meal Payment Form and enclose a check or money order.  Forms may be obtained from the cafeteria cashier or the school office.  Children will be given forms by cashiers when their accounts are low.


§         Send or have your child bring the form to the cafeteria manager.   Allow 24 hours for the money to be posted in the account.




Breakfast is served from 7:15 a.m. - 7:50 a.m. in the cafeteria.  A daily selection of assorted cereals, bagels, kaiser rolls, milk, fresh and canned fruit is offered.  Students receiving free or reduced lunch, receive free or reduced price breakfast. 




Daily lunch selections include pizza, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, deli sandwiches, 100% fruit juices, low fat white and chocolate milk, fresh and chilled canned fruits.  Check the menus posted in the classrooms and cafeteria for the daily specials.  The cost of lunch is $1.75.  Applications for free and reduced meals must be completed yearly.


Snack bar items include a selection of fresh baked cookies, pretzels, ice cream cups, nachos, Rice Krispie Bars, fresh popcorn, 100% fruit juice slushies, assorted crackers and chips.





Cafeteria Rules


§         Students must clean their table in the lunchroom. All students are responsible for their entire table and the immediate area.


§         Students are to be seated unless getting food or disposing of garbage.


§         Students are not to remove food and beverages from the cafeteria.


§         Under no circumstances are students permitted to leave school grounds during recess.


§         Students are not to be in the halls during the lunch periods without a pass.


§         Bring outdoor garments at the beginning of the lunch period.


Special Functions


Bag lunches, picnics, deli sandwiches or pizza will be provided with a 48-hour advance notice

for field trips or class celebrations.  Contact your Food and Nutrition manager for more

information.  Call 422-2224 for information about the Food and Nutrition Program’s

“Paws A While” catering service.


Student Advisory Committee


An active Student Advisory Committee with representatives from all teams meets monthly.

The members review school menus, plan special events and evaluate new menu items. 

Interested students should contact the Main Office for more information.


Computer Network Rules


The district’s acceptable use policy (616.5) will govern all use of the district network.  Student use of the system will also be governed by the discipline policy.  This policy will be discussed with all students as part of the instructional program.


Students are not allowed to use the computer to play games.  This also applies to after-school programs and homework help.  Students who break this rule will lose computer privileges.


Policy highlights:


§     Use of the network is for educational purposes only.

§     Users will not plagiarize works they find on-line or from each other.

§     Users may not use other student’s accounts.

§     Users may not download music unless directed to do so by staff.

§     Users are responsible for logging off their account and should report any problems immediately.

§     Users will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language.

§     Users will not use the district system to access inappropriate material.

§     Vandalism will result in the cancellation of privileges.


Student Bill of Rights


All students deserve the same rights and privileges.  There will be no discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, race, religion, disabilities, gender or sexual orientation.


A student in the White Plains School District shall have the right:





§         To take part in all district activities on an equal basis regardless of race, sex or national origin.


§         To address the Board of Education on the same terms as any citizen.


§         To take part in student government activities unless properly suspended from participation pursuant to the district’s discipline and eligibility policies.


§         To present in all disciplinary matters, his or her version of the facts and circumstances leading to the imposition of disciplinary sanctions.


§         To the protections of Education Law 3214 before he or she is suspended from instruction.


Student Expectations


All students are expected to:

§         Be familiar with and abide by all district policies, rules and regulations pertaining to student conduct.


§         Work to the best of their abilities in all academic and extracurricular pursuits and strive toward the highest level of achievement possible.


§         Conduct themselves as representatives of the White Plains School District and, as such, hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct, demeanor and sportsmanship when participating in or attending school-sponsored extracurricular events.


§   Be in regular attendance at school and in class on time.


§   Contribute to the maintenance of an environment that is conducive to learning and to show due respect to the personal property of others.


§   Make constructive contributions to their school community.




As mandated by New York State legislation, a specific Code of Conduct has been adopted by the White Plains Public Schools.  A summary of this code has been mailed to all parents.  A full copy of the code is available in the main office.


School Detention Policy

(Lunch and After School)




Based on teacher referrals and continual morning lateness, administrators will assign students to lunch detention. An administrator will notify a parent of the detention. The following procedures are observed in lunch detention:

1.          Students are expected to report to the assigned room within 10 minutes after the start of the lunch period with their lunch an, d a , book or homework assignment.

2.           After eating lunch, students will be expected to read their book or start working on a homework assignment.  They are expected to work for the remainder of the lunch period.  If they report without work or a book to read, they will receive                                                                                       additional days of lunch detention.



3.             Students are not allowed to talk to others, put their heads down, or sit idly.


4.       If students are uncooperative or engage in any misconduct, they will receive additional                                                                      

          days of lunch detention.  Misconduct may also result in more serious disciplinary                    



AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION (3:00 p.m. - 4:20 p.m.)

Conditions and procedures:


1.      After-school detentions will be served from 3:00 p.m. – 4:20 p.m.   Students will be assigned to teachers who will supervise the after school detention.

2.      Parents will receive a letter from an administrator that describes the reason that detention has been assigned and the date that the student must serve the detention.

3.      If a student is unable to serve the detention, a parent must make a request , in , writing and the time will be rescheduled. 

4.      If a student fails to serve the assigned detention, more serious disciplinary actions will be taken.

5.      If misconduct occurs during the detention, more serious disciplinary actions will be taken.


Suspension – Internal


This occurs when a child’s behavior indicates that it is inadvisable to allow the student to attend classes.  Serious infractions of school rules may result in an internal suspension as determined by a school administrator.  The student will be required to remain in a special room for an assigned number of days.  A staff member will supervise this area with the emphasis of instruction focused on the academic areas.  Parents will be notified immediately of the suspension.  It will also be reported to Central Office Personnel.  A copy of the suspension notification will be placed in the student's file.


Suspension – External


This occurs only with the authorization of the Principal or the “Principal in Charge.”  Suspension results from infractions constituting insubordination, disorderly conduct, or endangering the safety, morals, health or welfare of oneself or others.


Suspension may be for a period of up to five days.  The parent will be immediately contacted.  A letter of suspension is mailed home, and a copy is placed in the student’s file.  Central Office Personnel will be notified.  The parent will be offered an opportunity for a conference and, in some cases, will be required to meet with an administrator before the student can be readmitted to school.  If a student is suspended from school (including internal suspension), the student is not allowed to participate in any co-curricular activity on the day(s) of suspension.  If a situation becomes chronic, or is sufficiently acute, the case may be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for review and appropriate action


Student Dress Code

As mandated by New York State legislation a specific Code of Conduct has been adopted

by the White Plains Public Schools.  The dress code is included under this Code of Conduct.

A summary has been mailed to all parents.  A full copy of the code is available in the main



Physical Education Dress Code


For health and safety, certain subject areas (i.e. physical education, technology, family and

consumer science, science) maintain safety rules which contain dress considerations.  Appropriate dress for physical education includes shorts and T-shirt or sweat suit and sneakers with laces. Students are required to “change” into appropriate clothes.  Preparation (changing) for physical education and participation are part of the formula for the student’s physical education grade.

Coat Policy


All coats (down filled and heavy outerwear) are to be kept in lockers.  If a student enters a classroom wearing a coat, he or she will be sent to their locker.  If a student refuses to put away a coat, the teacher will follow the school’s discipline procedure.




Lockers are school property on loan to students for the school year.  Writing or drawing on or in lockers is prohibited.  School personnel reserve the right to open and inspect student lockers.  Lockers are equipment and should be treated accordingly.  Forcing locks, slamming doors and getting angry will not open or close a locker.  For security reasons, students should not share locker combinations with friends.  We suggest that personal items not essential for school use be left home.  The school is not responsible for items that may be lost or stolen from lockers.


Bookbags and other personal items should be stored in lockers to prevent theft.  If students leave their bookbags or other personal items in the hallway, on top of the lockers, etc., instead of inside their locker, they run the risk of losing those items.  The school will not be responsible for replacing the stolen objects.


No student is allowed to go to his or her locker between classes.  Students must visit their lockers before first period, before lunch, after lunch, and at dismissal.  Teachers may give students written permission to go to their lockers between these times.  If a student is seen going into their locker except during the above stated times, their locker privileges will be suspended for a period of time.  This time will increase with each subsequent offense


Emergency Evacuation


Both Middle School campuses, in concert with other White Plains Schools, have plans to respond to various emergency situations including early dismissal "Go Home" drills.  In order to effectively plan, the Middle School must have instructions on how each child will leave the building when dismissal is earlier than normal.


Parents are requested to complete the Emergency Procedure Card enclosed in the August mailing and return it to the main office at Eastview.  We must have this form on file for each student in the Middle School.  Your cooperation is appreciated.


Field Trips


The Middle School recognizes the importance of field trips as a natural extension of the classroom.  All field trips require a permission slip.  This slip must be signed by a parent or a  guardian.  It must be returned to the teacher prior to the field trip.  Field trips are a privilege.  Students are expected to look neat and behave appropriately.  All school rules and regulations governing student behavior apply during school sponsored field trips.  Students who do not act appropriately at school may be withheld from a field trip.



Fire Drills


The Middle School follows the mandate of the State Education Department regarding fire drills.  FIRE DRILLS ARE TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY.  MISCONDUCT WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION.



All students must:


Be aware of the exit route from each of his/her classrooms.


Respond promptly and leave the building when the fire bell sounds.


Follow their teacher; keep quiet and listen for emergency instructions.


Stay with the teacher at all times.


Leave the building taking the nearest exit if the fire bell sounds when classes are not in session.  They must join a teacher once they are outside.


Remain outside until instructed to return.


Use stairways, not the elevator, during a fire drill.


Students unable to walk down the stairs will proceed to the center stairway in the front of the building.  Teachers will meet them there and transport them down the stairway.


Identification Cards


All Middle School students will be issued an Identification Card at the start of school.  The primary purpose of the ID card is for the cafeteria debit system (SNAP) and for a bus pass.  It is imperative that students have their ID cards in their possession each day.




Textbooks are provided by the school.  However, when loss, defacement or undue wear occurs, suitable reimbursement will be charged.




Buses are provided by the Board of Education for children who live more than 1.0 mile from Highlands and Eastview and for handicapped students, regardless of distance.  There will be bus service available between the two campuses.  Transportation is provided following period 9, (e.g. 2:16 p.m.), as well as after X-period, (e.g. at 2:50 p.m.).  Questions regarding transportation should be directed to the Transportation Coordinator at the Central Office at



A 4:15 p.m. bus is also provided for students participating in school sponsored activities.


Students are advised that all school rules apply while waiting for and riding on the bus.  Students are under the authority of and responsible directly to the driver.


In the interest of safety and as part of the responsibilities of citizenship, it is expected that every student will comply with the following:


Students will display their bus pass (ID Card) prior to boarding the 2:15 bus.  In order to board the 2:50 (end of X-period) bus, students will have their bus pass and a note from their X-period teacher.


Students will not approach the bus until it has come to a full stop and the driver has opened the door.


Students will remain seated while the bus is en route.  They will use seat belts if they are available.


Students will not throw objects from the bus windows.


Taking the bus is a privilege.  If students misbehave or act in a disorderly or unsafe manner, their bus privileges may be suspended for a period of time.


Upon arriving in the morning, students will assemble in the auditorium for the 7:45 morning announcements.  At the 7:50 bell, students will proceed to their lockers and then to class.

Both campuses are closed campuses.  This means that students may not leave the campus without permission or be outside the building without supervision.



Book Fines


Students will pay a fine for texts that contain graffiti or other unnecessary markings that were not in the book when they received it.  When the student returns the book, he/she will pay the amount of the assigned fine.  Students are also responsible for lost books. 


8th grade students will not receive their gown or tickets to graduation until book fine obligations are met.  It is the responsibility of the teacher to give Mr. Stowell a list of the students who have not returned books to Mr. Stowell before the first graduation rehearsal.  The student will go to the teacher, clear up the fine and bring the fine card to Mr. Stowell, which will indicate that they have fulfilled their obligation.  .


6th and 7th grade students are expected to settle book fines before report cards are sent home.  The teacher will send book fine cards to t, he, main office to Ms. Denais and a letter will be sent home informing parents of such fines. Students will go to Ms. Denais to settle their fines. 




All visitors must register in the main office and receive a visitor’s pass when they arrive.  If a teacher observes a visitor without a badge, they will have the person escorted to the main office.


Parents who wish to visit classes are requested to arrange this at least 24 hours in advance through the main office.  The school is not able to accommodate student visitors because this

distracts from the educational process.


It is the responsibility of all visitors to ensure that their dress is safe and appropriate and does

not disrupt or interfere with the educational process.  They should not wear items that:


§    Are vulgar, obscene, libelous, or denigrate others.


§    Promote and/or endorse the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs and/or encourage other illegal or violent activities.








The following requirements for student participation in interscholastic sports and/ or co-curricular activities will be enforced in addition to the existing school policies on citizenship and attendance:


I.    Academic


A.     A student must be passing all of his or her courses in order to be eligible to participate in interscholastic sports and/or extracurricular activities.  Grades of participants will be reviewed every 5 weeks.


B.     If a student is failing one or more subjects, he/she will be placed on probation.  He/she may attend practice and participate in games.  That student will have until the next reporting time (5 weeks) to make sufficient progress to ensure his/her passing all subjects.  If this is accomplished he/she will be removed from probation.


C.     If the student has any failures at the next reporting, he/she will be declared ineligible and will remain ineligible until a reporting period when no failures occur.  He/she will not be able to attend practices or games during the time of academic ineligibility.


D.     An ineligible student with no failures will be declared eligible but remain on probation.  If in the next five-week reporting period, no failures occur, the student will be removed from probation.


E.      Fall eligibility will be based on 4th quarter grades unless they have been improved by a successful completion of summer school courses.


F.      A student who has been retained will be declared academically ineligible and may not participate in activities for the first quarter of the school year.  If the student is passing all courses at the end of first quarter, he/she will be placed on probation and be eligible to participate in activities.  If the student fails one or more subjects at the end of the first quarter, he/she will remain ineligible.


G.     Co-curricular activities that meet one day a cycle may admit probationary and ineligible students, provided students show proof of attendance in remedial programs.  Ineligible students may not participate in concerts or drama productions, leadership positions in clubs/organizations or write articles for school publications.


II.      Behavior    


A.     Continued infractions of the behavior code (e.g. numerous discipline referrals, suspensions and probation) may result in being denied the privilege of participating in dances, picnics and other special events.


III.     Appeals


      A.  A review board consisting of the principal and a staff member will be established to hear                                                                                



B.     Students will always have the right to appeal, but must do so in writing according to the procedures established by the review board.









Mr. Joseph Cloherty                       Principal                                                422-2223


Mrs. Roe Agosto                            Assistant Principal                                422-2008


Ms. Marcia Denais                         Office Manager                                                422-2448


Ms. Joyce Mitchell                         Secretary                                              422-2450


Ms. Julie Pastore                            Student Activities                                 422-2456



Ms. Marie Clarke                         Office Assistant I                                 422-2223





Ms. Lillian Diaz-Withers                Guidance Counselor                             422-5728

                                                          Grades 6 & 7


Mrs. Dessner                                   Nurse                                                    422-2412


Ms. Patricia Hogan                         Learning Specialist                              


Ms. Margot Brown-Ronen             Learning Specialist                               422-2458


Mr. Joseph Parker                          Social Worker                                       422-2415


Dr. Janet Rivera-Ceraolo               Psychologist                                          422-2457


Ms. Helena Valdes                         Guidance Counselor                             422-5754

                                                          Grades 7 & 8          


                                                          Office Assistant II                                422-2417





Ms. Katherine Neglia                     Librarian                                               422-2312





Ms. Laura Ackerly                          Cafeteria                                               422-2418




Rodolfo Rivera                                Head Custodian                                                422-2416