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Upcoming Events:

The Eastview PTA wishes everyone a wonderful and safe summer!  See you in September!!

WHITE PLAINS YOUTH BUREAU HEALTH AND FITNESS SUMMER CAMP.  6 week program for 14-18 year olds beginning June 30.  Runs Monday through Friday from 10-3.  
SUMMER CODING CLASSES AT THE EDGE, PRESENTED BY EASTVIEW STUDENT!  grader at Eastview, will be presenting five classes on the basics of Python computer programming at the White Plains Public Library, starting July 1. Please see the attached flyer for details. Stanley Plaza, a current 6th  grader at Eastview, will be presenting five classes on the basics of Python computer programming at the White Plains Public Library, starting July 1.  
 POSITIONS AVAILABLE IN 2014-2015 HIGHLANDS PTA!  If anyone is interested in joining the PTA Committee next school for the Highlands Middle School, please contact Kristen Larkin and Lori Hardy.  Current available chair positions: Hospitality, PTA Webpage, Play Refreshments, and Outreach.  Eastview PTA also has a couple spots open, so if you know any incoming 6th grade parents who may be interested have them contact Kristen Larkin (kristenrit22@a.com). Thank you!
EASTVIEW TIMES - FIRST DIGITAL EPISODE AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING.  Go to the Eastview school web page at the link below.  Also look for the print version and new episodes coming soon.



2014-2015 SCHOOL CALENDAR.  Approved by Board of Education. http://www.wpcsd.k12.ny.us/cms/lib5/NY01000029/Centricity/Domain/1/Calendar2014_15_Revised_4_7_14_BOEApproved.pdf

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION.  Please collect Box Tops and help raise money for the WPMS PTA!  There will be a collection box in the Eastview office.  Thank you!


DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Don't forget to check the district website's "Daily Announcements" to see more daily activities at Eastview throughout the week.



If you know someone who would like to be added to our distribution list - or if you have anything you would like included in this e-news, please contact Lydia Kris at lydiakris@gmail.com.  The deadline is Friday for inclusion in that weekend's email.

For more information on WPMS PTA contact:

Kristen Larkin, PTA President – Eastview, 217-0009 kristenrit22@gmail.com

Lori Hardy, PTA President – Highlands, 428-2018 hardyl1@aol.com

or visit:




Take Action to Protect Your Childs Privacy! New York state is the ONLY state still allowing our children's confidential information to be uploaded to a database that is NOT GUARANTEED TO BE SECURE. This information includes: test scores, socio-economic data, special education and disciplinary records from kindergarten through high school.  Large numbers opposing this issue is the only way to convince NY State to reconsider, as many states already have. Click this link to send a letter to our elected officials and make your voice heard.  Please help us help ALL of our children.  From - White Plains PTA Council


The WPMS PTA Now Has A Facebook Page!! Follow us to find up-to-date information.  You can find us at http://www.facebook.com/WPMSPTA .  Please "Like" us and "Share" us with other middle school families in our community.  Contact Melanie Conly (mconly@optonline.net) with any questions.

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There is concern from the school nurses that students are coming in to school sick or coming back too early from being sick.  Please see the attached letter from the nurse.

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Kristen Larkin & Lori Hardy
PTA Co-presidents