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Mamaroneck Avenue Elementary

We went to Outhouse Orchards to go apple picking on October 7, 2008.  It was a beautiful day!  Our class had so much fun!  We took the bus to get there.  When we got there we walked over to the pumpkin patch.  We took some pictures next to the pumpkins.  We then went on a hayride.  The hayride was the best.  We were able to see the farm from all different angles.  We saw the apple orchards, the pear trees, the animals and the playground.  After the hayride we were ready to go apple picking.  We climbed up a really steep hill to get to the orchards.  When we finally got up the hill we saw many apple trees.  We picked apples and filled our bag.  As we picked the apples we also ate some.  They were delicious!  At the end of our trip we went over to see the animals.  We saw some rabbits, goats and chickens.  We then went over to the playground and had a great time!  We loved going to Outhouse Orchards.
Last Modified on December 3, 2008