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Mamaroneck Avenue Elementary


Students at Mamaroneck Avenue School Set to Challenge Social, Racial Boundaries

During Seventh Annual "Mix It Up at Lunch” Day

Students at Mamaroneck Avenue Elementary School in White Plains joined more than 4 million others across the country to challenge social and racial boundaries on Thursday, November 13, as part of the seventh annual Mix It Up at Lunch Day, a project designed to foster respect and understanding in schools and communities, sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance Project.

Mix It Up encourages students to question and cross boundaries by sitting with someone new in the cafeteria for just one day.  Throughout the week, classes participated in age-appropriate activities that encouraged and supported an understanding of differences and promoted the making of new friends.  On Thursday students in grades 2-5 ate lunch with students who shared the same birth month and got to know each other by completing a “Get to Know You” activity.   All grades had been learning songs about friendship in music class and participated in a sing-along during lunch.  

          “Today was Mix it up day.  Because of that lunch was different.  We sat at different tables and even sang at lunch time !!!!!  My friends and I thought it would be awful but it turned out to be great!!!!!  We played diversity bingo and I learned a lot about other people.  I Really Really liked it!  Also, in our classroom we are doing Mix it up day every Friday!!!  It’s like taking a puzzle piece from every puzzle and making a whole new one!”  wrote second grader Caitlin Conly in her journal.

Mix It Up at Mamaroneck Avenue School brought the whole faculty and student body together in this nationwide effort to teach students to feel more comfortable interacting with different kinds of people, to cross group lines and meet new people; to help foster school spirit and unity; to raise awareness about social boundaries; and to help students make new friends.  We look forward to Mixing It Up some more at MAS! 

The Southern Poverty Law Center started its Teaching Tolerance program in 1991 to provide educators with free resources designed to promote respect for differences and an appreciation of diversity. The Mix It Up program began in 2002.

GAIL EPSTEIN,  Principal

ROBERT JANOWITZ,  Assistant Principal

Last Modified on November 12, 2008