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White Plains Public Schools

Physical Education/Health Department


Christopher Trieste

Coordinator of Physical Education/Health, K-12
550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605
Phone: (914) 422-2638
Fax: (914) 422-0094
E-mail: christophertrieste@wpcsd.k12.ny.us
Ms. Guarino
Phone: (914) 422-2237


Physical Education in the White Plains School District is an integral part of the total education program of each student. It contributes to the development of the individual through physical activity and human movement.

Physical Education includes:

  • the development of physical and motor fitness
  • the development of fundamental motor skills and patterns
  • the development of skills in aquatics, dance, individual and group games and sports

Our curriculum encompasses these areas. In addition, it is the responsibility of the White Plains School District to provide suitable physical education activities for children with special needs. The program should closely follow that of the regular Physical Education curriculum with appropriate modifications whenever necessary.

Our curriculum aligns the White Plains Physical Education program with the National Standards and the New York State guidelines for Physical Education. The curriculum is intended to be a working document. It is designed to be cumulative in nature, providing a sequential approach to encompass not only the psychomotor development of skills, but also the cognitive and affective domain of learning.

The White Plains City School District is committed to providing a quality Physical Education experience for all students. The goal for the department is to create, in all students, a love of physical activity so they may be active for life.