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WPMS- Highlands Campus

Principal's Corner 
Ernest Spatafore



October 8 Walk/Bike to School Day

Highlands had 87 students participate in the Walk/Bike to School Day. Participants will be rewarded with an Ice Cream Party on Wednesday, 10/22 during period 8. During the party, winners of the ITunes card raffle will be announced.

October 10 Tappan Zee Bridge Presentation

Through the efforts of Mr. Hauser, our 8th grade students participated in a unique learning experience. On Friday, October  10 during periods 4 and 5, Mr.  Andrew O’Rourke from the Educational Outreach Program of the New NY Bridge Project (Tappan Zee)  and Mr. Brian Coneybeare presented a 45 minute video followed by a question and answer period on the design and construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge. This was a timely visit, not only in terms of the ongoing bridge construction but our Technology classes have just begun their bridge design and construction project.


October 14 Author Visit

Jordan Sonnenblick, the author of Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie spoke to the 7th and 8th grade classes on Tuesday. Both grade level assemblies were entertained and informed by Mr. Sonnenblick’s accounts of his middle school experience. The recurring themes of the importance of individual effort and literacy were apparent throughout the presentations.



 Our chess class began this week using the Chess4Life program. The Chess4Life instruction system is a proven training program designed to teach chess in a clear, easy to understand  format. For a fraction of the cost of hiring fulltime professional coaches, you can now bring professional instruction using engaging DVD’s, high quality workbooks, and chess activities designed by Chess4Life. Chess4Life’s chess training content was originally developed by National Master Elliott Neff with the support of a variety of seasoned chess instructors ensuring diverse, challenging, high quality content.


Emergency Evacuation Drill

 On Tuesday, October 21, Highlands will be conducting an Emergency Evacuation Drill. We will be following a special schedule so all classes will meet. Students will be dismissed at the regular time.


8th Grade Washington Trip

 The 2015 Washington Trip will take place on May 14-15, 2015. For information regarding the trip please access the link on the Highlands’ webpage.  A parent/student informational meeting will be help on Monday, November 3 at 7:00 PM in the Highlands’ Auditorium.


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!

 Friday, October 17, 2014 was Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The faculty and staff at Highlands raised over $700.00 for this worthy cause.



 Sports and extracurricular activity eligibility policy has been amended, the revised policy is below.

 Highlands Eligibility Process

Student Responsibilities

-          Students with grades above 70 are fully Eligible for interscholastic sports, clubs and activities

-          Students with grades of 70 to 65 or are failing one course with a grade of 64 or lower are on Probation and…


  •   must sign a Probation Contract along with parent and coach/advisor to participate in clubs/sports.
  •   are off Probation Contract if passing all classes with above  a 70 at next report period.
  • remain on the Probation Contract if grades are still between 70 to 65/failing one course at the next report period (if still participating in clubs/sports).  A new contract must be signed with each new club or sport a student starts while on Probation.


-          Students who are failing two or more courses with grades of 64 and below are Ineligible to participate in interscholastic sports and/or clubs and activities.  Students who are Ineligible may…


  •  start or continue with a sport or a club and practice/attend meetings If the student:
                   signs the Eligibility Contract with their parent/guardian and coach/advisor
                  adheres to all aspects of the Eligibility Contract (or be removed from team/club)
                  submits weekly WPMS Eligibility Progress Reports to coach/advisor
  • Please Note -   Ineligible students are not permitted to participate in games/performances/competitions unless an appeal has been heard and granted      
                 A written appeal must come from the coach/advisor and guidance counselor         
                 The Eligibility Committee will meet and render a decision           
                  if granted the student may compete in games/performances but must remain on the
                  Eligibility Contract and Eligibility Progress Report        
                  If denied the student continues with the Ineligible status above            
                  Student’s status is reviewed at the next 5 week report period