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High School

Dear Students:

On behalf of the faculty and staff, we welcome you to the school year. It is our firm belief that our school provides you with many opportunities: academic, co-curricular, interscholastic, athletic, community or service oriented. We have a strong commitment to our "Tradition of Excellence", and urge you to positively contribute to the best of your ability.

The primary purpose of any school is to develop within its student body both academic purpose and excellence; it must be remembered this is only a fraction of your total education. Learning to get along with people is of equal importance in the development of your total educational experience. Your participation and cooperation are essential to the attainment of these goals. This is your school. The reputation it enjoys will be maintained only by your commitment to excellence.

The information and rules in this handbook are written for you. A careful review of these regulations will help you make your years at the high school a pleasant and meaningful educational experience. If you have any questions, see your school counselor, teacher, administrator, or any member of the staff.

The following pages describe many of the opportunities, privileges, and responsibilities available to you. Keep this planning guide, read through it, and refer to it often. We hope this will be a beneficial tool for your study skills and personal organization. Best wishes in this new school year.


The High School Administration

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