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enVison Math program You can support your child at home with the enVisionMath Program. 
The enVisionMATH program offers a digital, interactive environment that parallels the print materials. Students and parents have access to an exact replica of the text via the Online Student Edition. Students and parents also have access to step-by-step modeling of problems, digital manipulatives, and instant-check assessments. enVisonMath video
Practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, telling time, rounding, order of operations, and more!.

Mixing in Math
At Mixing in Math (MiM) believes that life is full of opportunities to explore math. By building on the math in everyday life, MiM helps children and adults gain confidence and competence in math.

MiM offers over 200 English and Spanish resources that blend math with fitness, nature, cooking, and daily routines like cleaning up. MiM resources include games, projects, movement activities, and museum-type displays.

Good Reads 
** There is a great math education and enrichment chapter.