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Rochambeau Alternative High School

base of clay beginning  Handbuilding slab technique Adding details Clay base of pie Clay pie-David Hand building details hand building  

D THR Drawing: Zach,Rodrigo

 V S Drawing: Malik, Cris
Acrylic on canvas cris Boat show l
skull d





 Students learn to work with tempera, water color, acrylic and water based oil paints.  Each year students work on a variety of paint supports: water color paper, masonite, canvas and paper, plaster of paris and clay.  Lessons in color theory include:
-the creation of a color wheel and a color star.
-the color wheel introduces the students to the primary, secondary, tertiary (intermediate), and complementary colors. 
The color star introduces the students to an array of colors. They use their own skills to create the secondary, tertiary colors and several tints (a color with white added) and several shades ( a color with black added) to complete 72 colors that they are required to add to the sections of the color star. 
Students apply the skills of using only five colors: red, yellow & blue the primary colors and black and white the neutral colors to develop an original palette of colors all their own.  They apply their knowledge of the three properties of color to create paintings: hue, intensity and value.  Of all the elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, value and space-value is crucial when a student uses paints.  














Hands on lesson-pinch pot.

Jerod's Handbuilt clay project



Pinch pot lesson.


























































































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