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Phone: 914-422-2338
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Using technology as a tool to help all students achieve to higher standards
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Instructional Technology

The district has supported a long-range instructional technology plan designed to enhance all students’ educational experiences and help them achieve at higher standards. The focus of the White Plains Technology Plan is to provide tools that support student-centered learning environments where the student is actively engaged in the learning process and constructing his/her own learning.


Throughout the district, technology is used as a means to enhance teaching and learning. It is also used as a communication tool between the school and the home. It is supported by an upgraded state of the art infrastructure.
Students and teachers have access to tool based applications that support the instructional programs.  They use desktop computers, wireless laptops, science probes, graphic organizers, presentation systems, digital cameras and camcorders, video conferencing, interactive white boards and other instructional tools to assist with  organization, analysis and communication. The instructional technology programs support the students’ use of these tools:

  • to access information and resources beyond anything available in the classroom;

  • to analyze, synthesize and apply the information;

  • to communicate their ideas more clearly;

  • and to assist them with collaborating with other students and experts around the world on projects that have real impact on them, the community and the global society.

White Plains has made a significant commitment to providing professional development to support the integration of technology in the classroom. Communication between the school and the community has also been enhanced with the use of email and school web pages.
Technology supports an environment where students and teachers work more collaboratively and students are actively engaged in their learning. Students are involved in more meaningful and thought provoking activities and, in the process, are generating products that demonstrate higher levels of thinking. With technology supporting instruction, students are developing the skills to become lifelong learners who can adapt to a changing global society.


Web Resources

The White Plains City School District has a variety of online subscriptions that can be accessed via the district network. These resources include:

  • Encyclopedias

    • World Book

    • Britannica - take home rights available

    • Grolier On Line

  • Periodical and Subject Databases

    • ProQuest - take home rights available

    • EBSCO - take home rights available

    • Novelist - take home rights available

    • Searchasaurus - take home rights available

    • Country Watch

    • Discovering Collection - take home rights available

    • Congressional Quarterly

    • Hoovers

    • Sirs Researcher

    • Maps 101 - take home rights available

  • Multimedia Databases

    • United Streaming  - take home rights available

Parents and students, please ask your child's teacher for the Take Home Rights Information.