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Ridgeway Elementary

We are moving and grooving at Ridgeway!  The New York Performing Arts Center (NYPAC) has put on a “Hip Hop!” of a performance.  The NYPAC is a dance group that instructs anyone who is interested in dance, voice and acting.  Their aim is to create and inspire technical and well rounded students.  The NYPAC is committed to providing professional instruction to each and every student, in both the recreational and pre-professional level.  Here at Ridgeway, our students and staff had the opportunity to partake in learning to “Hip Hop!”  Both students and staff were selected to dance in front of a very lively audience of their fellow peers.  Olivia Duvanich said, “It was really thoughtful of the NYPAC to come to Ridgeway School to teach us something new!”  The NYPAC is a talented group of instructors and performers.  Some of the classes that they offer include creative movement, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, theater dance, voice instruction, acting and musical theatre.   Our students believe that “All people can learn, grow and contribute.”