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White Plains Public Schools

SNAP Program Information

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 (you must obtain your child's ID number before registering for this service):
A computerized debit card system ("SNAP") is used to record all prepaid meals and snacks. The advantages of SNAP are discounted meal prices, no need to have correct change for meals or snacks, no worry about lost or misspent money, and faster meal service. Charging of food is not allowed.

What do parents need to do to use SNAP?

  1. Obtain payment forms from the Food and Nutrition Program cashier or school office staff.  Students are given forms by cashiers when their account balances are low. A note, which includes the information in Item #2 can be sent with payment if SNAP form is not available.
  2. Note the child’s first and last name, grade and date form is being completed on the payment form.
  3. Indicate what the SNAP money is to purchase. Section #1 Breakfast Money and Section #2 Lunch Money can only be used to purchase breakfasts and lunches; Section #3 Option Money can purchase breakfast, lunches and snacks.
  4. Enclose check or money order. A $10.00 fee is charged for all returned checks. Adults are responsible for obtaining a receipt for cash payments.
  5. Send or give the payment to the program manager; school staff and faculty are not responsible for SNAP payments. Allow 24 hours for SNAP money to be posted in the account.

What do children need to do to use SNAP?

All students will be issued SNAP cards. Elementary students will be given their cards daily, in the cafeteria. Middle and high school students will use their student identification card as a SNAP card.

  1. Give card to cashier. Just like an ATM or debit card, the card is passed through a card reader. The computer will record the food sale. The amount of purchase will be automatically deducted from the prepaid balance.
  2. Maintain cards in good condition. Damaged cards cannot be read by the computer.
  3. Notify the cashier of a lost or stolen card IMMEDIATELY. The card number will be flagged so that the card cannot be used by another person.

How do I know when my child’s SNAP account is low?

Payment forms are sent home with students. Negative balance letters are mailed monthly. Balance inquiries can be obtained by calling the program manager between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. (Phone numbers are printed on school menus.) Students can also request a balance inquiry from the cashier after meal service.

Does my child have to eat every day in order to use SNAP?

No, prepaid meals and snacks can be redeemed anytime during the school year.

What happens with the SNAP account balance at the end of the school year?

Balances will be carried over to the next school year. Refunds will be issued for balances greater than $10.00. Refunds must be requested prior to May of the current school year. Refunds are issued about one month from date of request.

What happens if someone other than my child uses her/his SNAP card?

If a card is used more than once during a meal period, or used by someone other than the owner, the computer will alert the cashier and the student will be disciplined.

What happens if my child loses her/his SNAP card?

Lost cards should be reported to the teaching assistant on cafeteria duty. Students will receive a temporary card until a replacement card is made. Middle and high school students need to obtain a temporary card in the school office.

What happens if my child does not have a SNAP card?

Elementary and middle school students obtain a temporary card from a teaching assistant at meal time. High school students obtain a temporary card from the house office.

What if there is no money in my child’s SNAP account?

Elementary and middle school student’s accounts will be charged for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk lunch. Payment for charged meals must be made within three school days. Students will not receive breakfast or snack foods.

Can I transfer money from one SNAP account to another?

Yes, parents can request, in writing, to have money transferred to a different child’s account or between the meal and option accounts.

Can SNAP money be used to purchase bag lunches for field trips?

Yes, contact the manager for a field trip bag lunch form and return it to the manager 24 hours in advance of the trip.



What if I have additional questions?

You can call 422-2054.