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White Plains Public Schools

Elementary (K - 5)

The primary resource for the mathematics curriculum at the elementary level is Investigations in Numbers, Data, and Space, 2nd Edition (commonly called TERC or TERC Math).  

Have you ever had the experience that your child's homework did not look familiar to you, or has your child ever said, "That's not the way we learned it in school?"

provides a variety of resources to help you understand the developmental nature of your child's learning of mathematics.  For grade and/or content specific information, please follow the links in the chart below.  Please note that you may have to scroll through the items once you have arrived at the link.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5


As you scroll through these documents, you may notice there are a few items that our students are learning that are not included here and there are a few items here that our students are not part of our curriculum.  While Investigations is our primary resource at the elementary level, our curriculum is designed to meet the New York State Standards.  Hence, there are some differences in content and the order in which some concepts and skills are learned.

The Investigations website also includes specific resources for families.  These include information about Investigations, helping your child, doing math together, homework, and working with your child's teacher.

We encourage you to explore these resources.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher, school, or Lisa Weber, K - 12 Mathematics Coordinator.

Middle School (6 - 8)


High School (9 - 12)

Holt (Algebra and Geometry) Students will need a username and password to access this site. This can be obtained from their teacher. This site includes an electronic version of the textbook, as well as extra practice, vides and homework help. Many Holt resources are also available on the district's computer network.

New York State maintains archives of past exams. To access the exams for grades 3 - 8 click here. Click this link to access past Regents exams.