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White Plains Public Schools

Elementary, Grades K-5

Our elementary math curriculum is designed to meet the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) as adopted by New York State. The primary resource through which we deliver instruction is enVision Math Common Core (Pearson, 2012), commonly called Envisions.  For more information on this program see PearsonSchool.com/envisionmathcommoncore.  
This program was overwhelming selected as the primary mathematics resource for the district by the Elementary Math Curriculum Advisory Committee.  This committee, comprised of teachers and leaders representing all 5 elementary schools and all grades K - 5, met throughout the 2011-12 school year.  After studying the CCLS, examining a variety of resources and piloting 2 resources, the committee selected Envsions as the resource that would best meet the needs of all our students. 

Middle School, Grades 6-8

The mathematics curriculum in grades 6 - 8 is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) as adopted by New Your State.  To see these standards, click hereThe primary resource for the mathematics curriculum at the middle school level is Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, Course 2 (6th), Course 3 (7th) and Pre-Algebra (8th), published by Glencoe. Additional resources include Connected Math, Holt Algebra 1 (8 Accelerated). For more information about Connected Math, click here.

High School, Grades 9-12

At the high school level, New York State administers 3 Regents exams in Mathematics; Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2 Trigonometry.  The Algebra Regents is required for all students to earn a Regents diploma.  All 3 Regents exams are required for students to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma.  Please note that White Plains High School offers the study of Algebra in one year (Algebra) and in two years (Algebra 9 and Algebra 10).

The district has adopted the following textbooks which are aligned with the 2005 curriculum: Algebra 1 and Geometry published by Holt and Algebra 2 Trigonometry published by AMSCO. We continue to use a variety of resources for our upper-level courses.

The high school continues to offer a number of courses outside those previously mentioned, including Contemporary Math, College Algebra with Trigonometry, Precalculus (honors and regular), Calculus (ACE, AP AB and AP BC) and Statistics AP.  Contemporary Math, College Algebra with Trigonometry, Calculus and Precalculus are offered for dual enrollment with Westchester Community College through their Advanced College Experience(ACE) program.

To view a flow chart of the math course offerings at White Plains High School, please click here.