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Dear GW Patriot Families, (¡Bienvenidos a GWPTA!)

As we head further into the school year, we hope that you will check the calendar and try to attend all of the important events that are coming up this month
If you haven't already, please consider joining the GW Parent Teacher Association (GWPTA).  The GWPTA supports GW in a multitude of ways that directly contribute in the enrichment of our students with the goal of helping our students fulfill their potential. We also aim to help build community ties and create an atmosphere where all parents and students feel welcomed. 
Please do not hesitate to email or call us when you have a question.  We want to help you find the correct answers. No question is irrelevant, because as parents we know that being well-informed and connected is the best way to help our students reach their full potential.
Send your questions to any member of the elected PTA Board or send a note in backpack mail to the school office marked PTA.   
Thank you!