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Weekly Activities
    and Topics for
(Below) Blue (Regents) is completed or current; 
black is upcoming; subject to change, depending on how far we get each week. 



(periods 1-2, 4-5, 6-7, 7-8)

Week of
Sept. 9
 lab safety;safety contract; reading comprehension skills; Characteristics of life; worksheets on life processes; 

Week of Sept. 16

 book distribution; continue work on characteristics of life; mealworm lab;  

Week of Sept. 23

 metric measurement; metric labs; graphing; scientific method; assignments in yellow booklet


Week of

Sept. 30   


 Scientific method  worksheets; Lab on scientific method; assignments in yellow booklet on scientific method; Review; test on scientific method;



Week of       

Oct. 8

Basic chemistry; pH lab;  text assignment on pH;  text assignment on carbon compounds; carbohydrate notes;  practice sheets; 


Week of       
Oct. 14
chemistry of carbohydrates lab; lipids and worksheet;


Week of

 Oct. 21

protein notes and  worksheet;  review and test on carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, enzyme notes from powerpoint; practice regents questions; carbohydrate testing lab; enzyme lab

Week of   

Oct. 28

test on enzymes and nutrients; enzyme lab; 

Week   of   
Nov. 4

start ecology; symbiosis;ecosystems homework  to do with review book; energy flow through ecosystem; quick quiz on introductory ecology

Week of   

Nov. 11

  quiz on energy flow in ecosystems; notes on succession, biomes,predator-prey interactions,

Week of   


quiz on biomes/succession; endangered species; population dynamics; ecological cycles;




human impact/environmental issues; quiz on human impact/cycles



Dec. 2

shark lab;
classification; microscope use; 
Week of
Dec. 9
cell theory; cell parts and functions;  review; test on cells microscope techniques lab; onion lab;




 notes on transport across cell membrane; diffusion worksheet; State lab on osmosis;




active transport; compare active transport with diffusion and osmosis


of Jan. 6

state lab on diffusion;quiz on transport across the cell membrane labs; leaf structure and function; leaf lab; measuring through the microscope; 





Jan. 13

photosynthesis notes; photosynthesis homework (to do with text);  chromatography lab; test on photosynthesis; review for midterm exam;


of  Jan.20

state lab on muscle fatigue; midterm exam on 1/27-29/ cellular respiration; cellular respiration notes; homework on cell respiration; practice regents questions; review for midterm exam 

Midterm Exam:
 period 2 - 1/28
  period 4 - 1/27
  period 6 - 1/29
  period 8 - 1/28
Week of
midterm exam; 

Week of


cellular respiration 

Week of

Feb. 10 and 24

How Cells Know When to Divide lab; mitosis notes and review sheets;   Mitosis Lab;meiosis notes; worksheet comparing meiosis and mitosis; quiz on mitosis 


Week of March 4
asexual reproduction;  protist labs; human reproductive systems; menstrual cycle

Week of

March 11

menstrual cycle lab and worksheet; development notes and lab; twins; test on reproduction and development;

Week of

March 17

flower reproduction; flower lab; seed lab;practice regents questions; start DNA; DNA; DNA replication; quiz on DNA and replication; RNA;


Week of
March 24
protein synthesis; protein synthesis lab; mutations; mutation lab; hereditary  disorders

Week of

Mar. 31

 genetic  engineering; selective breeding; environmental effects on gene expression;
quiz on genetic engineering; Heterotroph hypothesis;  evidence for evolution; 


Week of

April 7
lab on evidence for evolution; Darwin vs. Lamark; test on evolution 


Week of
April 21

review for third quarter exam; State lab on Bird Beaks; more on modern theories of evolution; Third Quarter Exam



Week of
April 28

biodiversity lab; quick quiz on lab; start digestion; digestion notes; text homework on digestion;


Week of

May 6

 complete digestion booklet;review and quiz on digestive system;  notes on blood; 

Week of

May 13

  circulatory system;  quiz on blood; notes on heart; state lab on heart rate and exercise; quiz on circulation;  locomotion packet;

Week of

May 20

immunity notes; immunity review book homework ; review and quiz on immunity; regents practice test; human respiration; mechanics of breathing; excretory system notes;




Week of

May 27

 finish immunity, respiration and excretion; Homeostasis revisited: dvd on homeostasis; notes on nervous system; disorders of the nervous system; reflex arc notes;  endocrine system; notes; regents review; regents practice test



Week of
June 3

Pd 7 endocrine system; Regents review; all books must be returned by Tues, June 4. (We have an appointment with the bookroom). regents review

Week of June 10

regents review


  June   Bring blue or black ink pens, #2 pencils, erasers, photo ID;
DO NOT bring electronic devices;
text and review books MUST be returned to bookroom.
Room Assignments:
period 2- 
period 5- period 6 - period 78 -




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 Last updated on April 11, 2014