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Weekly Activities
    and Topics for
(Below) Blue (Regents) is completed or current; 
black is upcoming; subject to change, depending on how far we get each week. 



(periods 1-2, 4-5, 6-7, 7-8)

Week of
Sept. 9
 lab safety;safety contract; reading comprehension skills; Characteristics of life; worksheets on life processes; 

Week of Sept. 16

 book distribution; continue work on characteristics of life; mealworm lab;  

Week of Sept. 23

 metric measurement; metric labs; graphing; scientific method; assignments in yellow booklet


Week of

Sept. 30   


 Scientific method  worksheets; Lab on scientific method; assignments in yellow booklet on scientific method; Review; test on scientific method;



Week of       

Oct. 8

Basic chemistry; pH lab;  text assignment on pH;  text assignment on carbon compounds; carbohydrate notes;  practice sheets; 


Week of       
Oct. 14
chemistry of carbohydrates lab; lipids and worksheet;


Week of

 Oct. 21

protein notes and  worksheet;  review and test on carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, enzyme notes from powerpoint; practice regents questions; carbohydrate testing lab; enzyme lab

Week of   

Oct. 28

test on enzymes and nutrients; enzyme lab; 

Week   of   
Nov. 4

start ecology; symbiosis;ecosystems homework  to do with review book; energy flow through ecosystem; quick quiz on introductory ecology

Week of   

Nov. 11

  quiz on energy flow in ecosystems; notes on succession, biomes,predator-prey interactions,

Week of   


quiz on biomes/succession; endangered species; population dynamics; ecological cycles;




human impact/environmental issues; quiz on human impact/cycles



Dec. 2

shark lab;
classification; microscope use; 
Week of
Dec. 9
cell theory; cell parts and functions;  review; test on cells microscope techniques lab; onion lab;




 notes on transport across cell membrane; diffusion worksheet; State lab on osmosis;




active transport; compare active transport with diffusion and osmosis


of Jan. 6

state lab on diffusion;quiz on transport across the cell membrane labs; leaf structure and function; leaf lab; measuring through the microscope; 





Jan. 13

photosynthesis notes; photosynthesis homework (to do with text);  chromatography lab; test on photosynthesis; review for midterm exam;


of  Jan.20

state lab on muscle fatigue; midterm exam on 1/27-29/ cellular respiration; cellular respiration notes; homework on cell respiration; practice regents questions; review for midterm exam 

Midterm Exam:
 period 2 - 1/28
  period 4 - 1/27
  period 6 - 1/29
  period 8 - 1/28
Week of
midterm exam; 

Week of


cellular respiration 

Week of

Feb. 10 and 24

How Cells Know When to Divide lab; mitosis notes and review sheets;   Mitosis Lab;meiosis notes; worksheet comparing meiosis and mitosis; quiz on mitosis 


Week of March 4
asexual reproduction;  protist labs; human reproductive systems; menstrual cycle

Week of

March 11

menstrual cycle lab and worksheet; development notes and lab; twins; test on reproduction and development;

Week of

March 17

flower reproduction; flower lab; seed lab;practice regents questions; start DNA; DNA; DNA replication; quiz on DNA and replication; RNA;


Week of
March 24
protein synthesis; protein synthesis lab; mutations; mutation lab; hereditary  disorders

Week of

Mar. 31

 genetic  engineering; selective breeding; environmental effects on gene expression;
quiz on genetic engineering; Heterotroph hypothesis;  evidence for evolution; 


Week of

April 7
lab on evidence for evolution; Darwin vs. Lamark; test on evolution 


Week of
April 21

review for third quarter exam; State lab on Bird Beaks; more on modern theories of evolution; Third Quarter Exam



Week of
April 28

biodiversity lab; quick quiz on lab;


Week of

May 5

digestion;review and quiz on digestive system;  notes on blood; 

Week of

May 12

  circulatory system;  notes on heart; state lab on heart rate and exercise; quiz on circulation;  locomotion packet;

Week of

May 20

immunity notes;  regents practice test;




Week of

May 27

 quiz on immunity;notes on nervous system; disorders of the nervous system; reflex arc notes;  Homeostasis revisited: dvd on homeostasis; endocrine system; notes; regents review; regents practice test



Week of
June 3

human respiration; mechanics of breathing; excretory system notes; More Regents review; all books must be returned to bookroom on Tuesday, June 10 (We have an appointment with the bookroom). regents review

Week of June 9

regents review


  Tues., June 17, 11:15 am  Bring blue or black ink pens, #2 pencils, erasers, photo ID;
DO NOT bring electronic devices;
text and review books MUST be returned to bookroom on June 10
Room Assignments:
period 2- 
period 5- period 6 - period 8 -




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 Last updated on May 27, 2014