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Library Media Center Services & Contacts

Print Circulation Contact
Overdue books, fines, 
replacements, and lost books
All Library Staff 
Print and non-print circulation
All Library Staff
Using the automated 
library catalog system 
All Library Staff
Class Projects
Planning research projects 
K. Allen,
K. Neglia
Reference and research assistance
K. Allen,
K. Neglia
Scheduling classes in the library
K. Allen,
K. Neglia
Library orientation sessions and special event schedulingK. Allen, 
K. Neglia
Computer hardware/software questions
K. Allen, 
S. Bannister, R. Morales
After school assistance (when available)N/A
Summer school assistance D. Furry
Collection Development
Purchasing of print resources
K. Neglia,
K. Allen
Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
K. Neglia,
K. Allen, S. Bannister
Purchasing of online resources
K. Allen, L. Roman,
K. Neglia 
Video, music & audio book  purchasingK. Allen
Media Services
AV Equipment Services
Equipment repair and maintenanceS. Bannister, C. Alvarez 
Long-term and off-site equipment reservation
S. Bannister, R. Morales, & K. Allen
Reservation and set-up of equipmentS. Bannister, R. Morales
AV Purchasing RequestsS. Bannister, K. Allen
Media Production
Classroom video production -- hardware and software

S. Bannister, K. Allen 

Audio duplicationS. Bannister, K. Allen
Lamination requests and trainingS. Bannister, K. Allen, R. Morales
Photography services S. Bannister, K. Allen
Video duplication (within copyright law)S. Bannister, K. Allen
Transparency production and suppliesS. Bannister, K. Allen
Computer Services
PC laptop and projector loan S. Bannister, K. Allen
PC presentation station use, trainingS. Bannister, K. Allen
Classroom use and training in wireless laptop carts with multiple PCsS. Bannister, K. Allen
550 North Street
White Plains, New York 10605
Telephone: 914-422-2178
: 914-422-2196