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Special Needs Committee  


Special Education Contact Information:

Office of Special Education (District Wide): 422-2041

Co-Director, Special Education Department    
JoAnn Doherty    

Co-Director Special Education Department
Susan LeCointe    

CPSE Chairperson / CSE Chairperson (Kdg, including parentally placed Kdg)    
Steve Seltzer    

CSE Chairperson all students Grades 1 - 4 (including parentally placed)    
Eliana Fernandez    

CSE Chairperson Grades 5 - 8 and Parentally Placed students Grades 5-12    
Dan Furry     

CSE Chairperson Grades 9 - 12, including STAR Program and Community School     
Mira Schwartz


PTA, Special Needs Commitee (District Wide): 490-3676

Co-presidents Sunni Mauro (Email: and Evelyn Alicea-Santiago (Email:

Special Needs Parent Representatives for each of the school building:
Please feel free to contact them via email with any questions you may have for your school.

Church Street
George Washington
Stephanie Bellantoni,
Mamaroneck Avenue
Michele Brady,
Post Road
Caroline Furry,, 949-3948
Donna Keane,
WP Middle Schools
Caroline Furry,, 949-3948
WP High School
Silva Collabolletta,
Out of District
White Plains PTA Council Special Needs Committee website: